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GovTrack is the only website that provides free research, tracking, and analytics on the daily activities of the United States Congress. We’re the go-to source of legislative information for citizens, fact-checkers, and even Congressional staff.

We want to build the best government-tracking website that we can, but we need your help to do it.

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Help us make government more accountable and transparent.

Since 2004, GovTrack has been used by tens of millions of Americans to learn what their representatives in Congress have been up to.

We are quoted regularly in the national media, who turn to us to run the numbers on legislative activity. And our successful decade-long campaign for “open data” from Congress has resulted in greater transparency year after year (but there’s always more needed!).

Your support will help us hire staff to research bills in Congress and tell you what they mean, and to improve and expand on the great Congress-tracking tools you see here.

Some of our expenses are offset by the advertising you see throughout the site, but it’s just not enough to keep doing what we’re doing, so we need your help.